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Leah Galvin in the kitchen garden at Government House Tasmania

Food Systems

Helping not-for-profits, communities and departments across government develop strategies and projects to reshape Australian regional food systems enabling sustainable, adaptable, and resilient outcomes.

Leah Galvin - Project Consultant and Churchill Fellow

Will our current food systems serve us in an uncertain future?

We all saw how quickly COVID disrupted food supplies everywhere. The pandemic highlighted just how vulnerable our current Australian regional food systems are to external impacts. As have climate impacts such as storms and fires. Our communities now deal with real uncertainty. But these challenges have also created significant opportunity. The time to rethink our food systems is now. Securing our future resilience relies on shaping sustainable food systems. Systems that safeguard livelihoods, reduce emissions, and regenerate our landscapes and biodiversity. And systems that shorten supply chains, and provide fair access to healthy seasonal foods.

Hello, I'm Leah Galvin

As a qualified project consultant and Churchill Fellow, I bring over 30 years experience of project and program management in all areas of regional development and community health and wellbeing.

How can I help you achieve your objectives and create impact?

  • Projects

  • Program design, implementation and evaluation

  • Research, mapping and scoping

  • Community, government and sector engagement and collaboration

  • Policy and strategy making

Jen Robinson, CEO of Sprout Tasmania

Jennifer Robinson, CEO Sprout Tasmania

“Sprout has worked with Leah on multiple projects over the last few years and her expertise, integrity and collaborative approach are second to none. Leah is able to provide guidance on the broader state and even national context within which our projects sit, drawing on her many years of experience in nutrition, food systems and government policy across many states. Leah is a pleasure to work with and we will continue to look to work and collaborate with her on future projects. "
Andrew Hillier, CEO of Loaves and Fishes Tasmania

Andrew Hillier, CEO Loaves and Fishes Tasmania

"Working with Leah makes challenging tasks simple. Leah's expertise and guidance have enabled us to keep our focus towards innovation, flexibility and doing our work in a way that will truly make a difference to the people we serve. Leah’s approachability and responsiveness has helped us promptly identify and move on new opportunities.
Leah takes the time to understand and provides feedback accordingly. Her attention to detail and commitment to workable outcomes have made her a pleasure to work with.
We highly recommend Leah . Her expertise, professionalism, and passion for what she does is exceptional."
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