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What could we work on together?

This is entirely up to you !   You can get an idea of the scope I cover in my current and past projects further down this page.

But together, we'll get the best outcomes with projects where you need :

  • A project or program manager so things run smoothly and  on time so you get the outcomes and impacts you need.

  • Coordination and stakeholder partnerships from the farm to the institution and/or community to build connections between what's grown and what's eaten in a region or area to build resilience.

  • Research and mapping for a strategic project so you know what's already going on in your sector or community and can identify the best ways to take action and have impact.

  • A writer and researcher for a government submission to present an evidence-based and persuasive policy solution

Read about some of my current and recent past projects below

Stakeholders visited during my 2022 Churchill Fellowship20

Churchill Fellowship - Exploring business and government approaches and models to sustainable food procurement by institutions

In May and June of 2022 I travelled to 7 countries exploring approaches and models that could be adapted for the Tasmanian and Australian landscape to improve the sustainability of food served in institutions. You can view the 1-page  infographic summary and the final report from August 2022, which includes recommendations for Tasmania and Australia.

Here are a few examples of how I have worked to disseminate the Fellowship lessons and recommendations. I have:

  • Made a submission to the Commonwealth Inquiry into food security in Australia and appeared as witness before the Committee on the 16.6.2023.

  • Contributed to the CSIRO Reshaping Australian Food Systems through a stakeholder interview for the intial draft and submission which includes sustainable food procurement as an opportunity in the final version.

  • Delivered a webinar with over 270 registrants across Australia generously hosted by the Nourish Network and Deakin University Institute for Health Transformation.

  • Presented to various groups and associations of farmers, producers and value-adders.

Infographic summary of my Churchill Fellowship with recommendations for action in Australia

Sustainable Institutional Food Procurement Tasmania Project - The sleeping giant awakens in Australia - Scoping sustainable food procurement in Tasmania.

In an Australian first, Sustainable Table and the Tasmanian Government have co- funded a Tasmanian project exploring the opportunity for sustainable food procurement by institutions across Tasmania. The institutions may include hospitals, aged care, the school meals program, university, prisons and meals on wheels. The project commenced in July 2023 and is progressing well. Read more here.

Taking the lessons and recommendations from my Churchill Fellowship I am exploring the enablers and barriers, mapping the current system, collaborating from the farm to food service kitchen and identifying institutions where we can get started on the long term transformation. 

I encourage you to please get in touch if you want to get started where yo
u are in Australia. I am very happy to share insights about my progress and approach.


Leah Galvin participating in a panel discussion at the Sprout Tasmania annual conference

Other projects

I am fortunate to regularly deliver short and medium term projects, collaborate and work with a range of other food system not-for-profits, businesses, governments and networks in Tasmania and across Australia.  Here are some examples. I am working with:

Loaves and Fishes, a Tasmanian social enterprise to develop a model for  'community food wholesaling' and reviwing their procurement for the Tasmanian School Lunch Project. 

Sprout Tasmania This year we undertook their second sector survey of small-scale producers across Tasmania.  An infographic and report were the key outputs from this project. Sprout Tasmanian is using the survey results to inform their sector advocacy and business development priorities for the next 18 months.

In a volunteer capacity I co-chair the Board of The Community Grocer (TCG) a not-for-profit that delivers markets to reduce household food insecurity in 3 Melbourne locations. TCG is a social enterpise that creates  high impact for its customers through increasing access to affordable fruit and veg and building community connections.

Can I help you with something? Please get in touch.

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